Prior Cases

  • Acquittal of search and rescue pilot in impaired driving case;
  • Acquittal for Vancouver Island hotel owner in British Columbia Supreme Court sexual assault trial;
  • Acquittal of local realtor in impaired driving case;
  • Acquittal in million-dollar kidnap scheme.
  • Acquittals of accused in Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm case;
  • R v. R.B –  Acquittal of a motorist with a judicial finding of police misconduct leading to an abuse of process with the judge commenting on Robert Yeo’s cross examination of the officer as follows:
  • Acquittal of helicopter pilot in impaired driving case;

Areas of Practice

  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Cases
  • Impaired Driving
  • ICBC & Personal Injury
  • Motor Vehicle Offences
  • Personal Assault
  • Drug Offences
  • Theft & Fraud
  • Fisheries and Wildlife offences

Turn to Robert Yeo for Legal Representation

The world can be a hazardous place. Injuries can come in many ways, including; car accidents, slips and falls. Many people suffer work-related injuries. Victims of these events or those who have experienced the wrongful death of a family member will need the services of a personal injury lawyer. Robert Yeo, barrister and solicitor, provides such services.

Motor vehicle accidents kill and injure thousands every year in Canada. Accidents often result from human negligence. This negligence may involve the failure of an driver to use reasonable care when operating a vehicle. Other factors can include speeding, changing lanes in a hazardous manner, operating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or for countless other reasons. In order for the victim to make a successful claim, it will be necessary to prove in court that the other operator was acting in a careless manner. Once the responsibility of the other driver is established, a personal injury lawyer can help the victim obtain monetary compensation to cover medical costs and lost wages. In the event of a wrongful death, the lawyer can help the victim’s family obtain compensatory damages.

Work-related injuries can occur in any industrial setting. Injuries can range from broken bones and burns to those that are catastrophic and even fatal. Other injuries can result from long-term or repetitive action that that is related to one’s employment. Work-type injuries can also result from exposure to certain agents or chemicals. Companies that are aware of hazardous conditions can be legally responsible if they result in harm to employees or customers.

Slip and fall accidents can occur in many ways, and often result in serious injuries. A person’s shoes can essentially lose their traction atop a slippery surface, leading to a fall. Another type of fall may involve someone tripping over an object or stepping in a hole or crack in the pavement. Regardless of how the fall occurs, the owner of the property on which it took place can be legally responsible for the resulting injuries. However, it will be necessary for the victim to establish that the property owner knew or at least should have known of the threat and failed to take appropriate action. A lawyer will help determine responsibility and also help the victim obtain compensation.

Dog bites can occur in private dwellings or in public areas. Owners can be held responsible for the behavior of their animals and the injuries they inflict. Animal keepers can also be held responsible, as can the parents of children whose dogs bite others. A landlord can be liable if a pet owned by a tenant causes harm to someone else. Liability may hinge upon whether the dog owner or responsible person knew that the animal was aggressive. A personal injury lawyer can help fix the blame and obtain compensation for the victim.

Those who are victims of motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, or are injured at work know they can turn to Robert Yeo for proper representation. Call Robert today 250-334-4155.