Prior Cases

  • Acquittal of search and rescue pilot in impaired driving case;
  • R v. R.B –  Acquittal of a motorist with a judicial finding of police misconduct leading to an abuse of process with the judge commenting on Robert Yeo’s cross examination of the officer as follows:
  • Acquittal in million-dollar kidnap scheme.
  • Acquittal of helicopter pilot in impaired driving case;
  • Acquittal for Vancouver Island hotel owner in British Columbia Supreme Court sexual assault trial;
  • Acquittals of accused in Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm case;
  • Acquittal of local realtor in impaired driving case;

Areas of Practice

  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Cases
  • Impaired Driving
  • ICBC & Personal Injury
  • Motor Vehicle Offences
  • Personal Assault
  • Drug Offences
  • Theft & Fraud
  • Fisheries and Wildlife offences

ICBC Legal Defense

Because dealing with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can be frustrating on several levels, an accident lawyer helping during the process can prevent a lot of stress. Hiring the services of a lawyer, such as Robert Yeo, is a good choice when a car accident happens, as he has a vested interest in making sure clients receive the best representation they can get when dealing with their insurance adjustors. This ensures they also get the best compensation possible.

Dealing with the forms can be confusing and that’s where accident lawyers often reduce the most stress. They have specialized training in properly filling out the sometimes confusing forms to help make sure paperwork is processed in a timely fashion. They are also able to help with gathering the right supporting documentation to go along with any claims so a person isn’t overwhelmed during the process.

Sometimes a motor vehicle accident will cause the need for a civil trial to sue an individual directly for damages that aren’t covered by a policy. ICBC may deny a petition, such as one with injury claims, on the grounds that coverage doesn’t cover certain portions of it. In a case such as this, accident lawyers can then sort through the evidence and decide if the case may be better decided in a B.C. Court. This is especially true of certain injury claims.

Even if an injury claim doesn’t end up in the courts, the insurance company will often try to settle the case for an amount that is lower than it should be. A motor vehicle accident can be devastating in terms of lost employment and disability and a lawyer may be able to have ICBC increase the amount of the settlement better than a regular individual could.

Some injury claims are moved into a criminal court in B.C. in the event the injury was caused during a car accident involving criminal activity, such as driving under the influence. In these cases, it is especially important to have a lawyer that is knowledgeable in how ICBC legal defense processes these cases. Once it enters the courts, the injured party could be denied a settlement because the case has gone from being a civil case to being a criminal case.

There are times, too, when a person is arraigned on criminal charges in relation to traffic accidents when it isn’t warranted. Potential clients get a free consultation so Robert can determine what he can do for them and representation is paid for only when clients receive proper compensation. A lawyer that is well-versed in all things to do with vehicular accidents from both sides of any given case, as Robert Yeo is, will be an invaluable asset.